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10th Anniversary special show “Dreams Are Universal”
Dreams Are Universal is the special entertainment show celebrating 10th anniversary of USJ
This show is for all ages, from kids to grand parents, whoever experience the show will feel heartwarming.
It is truly fantastic where more than one hundred of your favorite characters will bright up the stage.
It also features very intense acrobats, this is a must-see show when you visit USJ.


New York Area
Globe Stage in Gramercy Park
30 minutes, twice a day
・Schedule of the show is subject to change anytime.
・The show may be suspended due to adverse weather conditions.
・Bring picnic sheet and heat stroke protections
“Amazing Adventure of Spiderman - The Ride” and “Terminator 2: 3D” are also in New York area. Consider theses two into your plan to efficiently spend your time.
It gets very crowded on weekend and spots will be packed thirty minutes prior to the show.
Get to the Globe Stage earlier.


Can’t miss the perfect co-starring of Hello Kitty and Snoopy


Snoopy is just too sweet from behind
Hollywood Dream - The Ride


Hard to believe this is the entrance of Roller Coaster!
You can experience the floating feeling with this Roller Coaster as if you are shooting through the sky
“Hollywood Dream - The Ride”
Attraction details
【Attraction】 Ride
【Seats】 36
【Time】 3 minutes
【Schedule】 All the Time
【Waiting Time】 Weekday: approx. 40 minutes/ Weekend: approx. 100 minutes
【Limitations】 Height/Pregnant Woman
It goes for maximum speed of 89km through 1,267m course. You can experience the floating feeling of no-gravity!


It looks superb from the bottom !


Very steep turns!


I can almost hear the screams!


It’s highly intense!!


Looks really high!!


Very thrilling looking up from underneath!!

What’s remarkable is that your body actually floats! Because seats are set high so that your feet is off the floor and the safety bar is locked tightly only at one spot!!


The speed is also extraordinary!!


Just watching it from far makes you want to run to it!
One of the great feature is you can select your own BGM during the ride!
Famous artists participated in this, so you have to come back to listen to all of them!!
Jurassic Park


The logo of the movie is so special!!
This boat ride takes you to the adventure through the dinosaurs jungle!!
Attraction details
【Attraction】 Ride
【Seats】 25
【Time】 7 minutes
【Schedule】 All the Time
【Waiting Time】 Weekday: approx. 45 minutes/ Weekend: approx. 90 minutes
【Limitations】 Height/Pregnant Woman
【Remarks】Attraction may be suspended due to bad weather
No matter what, you will get wet with this attraction!!
So, prepare yourself beforehand!


Looks so real!


There it is!

They are hiding all over the place. Don’t miss them!!


Hey! What’s that over there?
You can take a sneak peek from outside.
Capture your friends coming down with the ride on your camera!!


Here it goes!!


Too fast!!




Can’t see anything!!
The floor is very wet from the start, so don’t slip and fall!!
They also do the commentary on dinosaurs along the way. It is fun experience!
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