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Fantastic World
“Fantastic World” is the magnificent street musical show presented on three mobile stages!!
Attraction details
【Attraction】 Outdoor Show
【Seats】 N/A
【Time】 Approx. 25 minutes
【Schedule】 2 or 3 times a day
【Waiting Time】 N/A
【Remarks】Attraction may be suspended due to bad weather/Reserved Seats are available with admission fee
Huge stages as high as 13 meter will be on the street of Hollywood area!!
You can experience the true value of life with dynamic performance by one of the kind performers!!
The show is held on the street, so you have to get there earlier to secure a good spot.
There are also reserved seats available with fee, you might want to check these, too!
Unfortunately, this show is on suspension right now.
I just hope for its early reopening…
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