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Back to the Future - The Ride


This is the entrance! Can’t wait to hop on!!
Traveling through time and space in the speed of light, it’s the heart pounding time-travel attraction with full of thrills and speed, “Back to the Future - The Ride”!!
Attraction details
【Attraction】 Ride
【Seats】 8
【Time】 15 minutes
【Schedule】 All the Time
【Waiting Time】 Weekday: approx. 35 minutes/ Weekend: approx.70minutes
【Limitations】 Height/Pregnant Woman


Wow! It’s the DeLorean! Fabulous!!
Take some pictures of this before you go into the attraction!


Even the waiting time is fun!


Follow up on the story with this!
They play the video on this monitor, so you can get the ideas!!


Can’t get my eyes off of it…


What is this place…?


Nice logo!!

This is the ultimate car-chasing action delivered by the special visual effect synchronized with the vehicle movements!
The shaking and wild turns of this ride is one of the top class in USJ, so you better watch out!!
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