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The sign looks like it’s on fire!
With this attraction, you can experience the terror of raging fire through plenty of special effects!! It’s the “Backdraft”!!
Attraction details
【Attraction】 Indoor Show
【Seats】 approx. 200
【Time】 20 minutes
【Schedule】 All the Time
【Waiting Time】 Weekday: approx. 35 minutes/ Weekend: approx.60minutes
【Limitations】 Height/Pregnant Woman


Outside of the building is so peaceful…


There are a lot of fire hoses!


And some fireman uniforms in the back!
In here, they play the movie on the screen. At the same time, they give you a look on some of the historical fires! Also a must-see, I guess…
Enjoy the spectacular fire created with more than 40 types of special effects!!
Magical Starlight Parade


This is the main event of the night hours in USJ!!
Started from March of 2009, this parade will bright up your night at USJ!!
37 of huge floats over 5 meter in size, made with more than 100 LED, will join this parade. It makes you feel like you are in the flood of lights!!
Attraction details
【Attraction】 Parade
【Seats】 N/A
【Time】 1 hour (just to watch it on one spot, approx. 15 minutes)
【Schedule】 Once a day, night time
【Waiting Time】 N/A
【Remarks】Attraction may be suspended due to bad weather
The parade starts at the border line of Hollywood area and New York area. Then it goes through the canopy, and the parade continues for one hour all the way to the end of New York area.


Hey! There’s Snoopy!
The parade is presented with USJ characters and three fairy tale stories.
The first one is “Alice in Wonderland”


Very cute!!!


Wondrous creatures are on their way!!


Actually, this rabbit is as high as three-story building.
Next is a little bit adult taste, “Arabian nights”!


There’s a sweet pink elephant!


Huge magic carpet!!


This is truly the Arabian Nights!

And now, all the girls number one dream, “Cinderella”!


Beautiful dress!!


Here comes Cinderella!!

The pumpkin carriage is right behind!!


Simply beautiful!!
Lots of other sweet and beautiful floats are on the parade, don’t miss these too!!
Use your Starlight Check-In Pass to fully enjoy the parade!!
Amazing Adventure of Spiderman - The Ride


Even the entrance is speaking out loud!
This ride will take you to the battle of Spiderman against the villains.
“Amazing Adventure of Spiderman - The Ride”!
Attraction details
【Attraction】 Indoor Show
【Seats】 12
【Time】 5 minutes
【Schedule】 All the Time
【Waiting Time】 Weekday: approx. 45 minutes/ Weekend: approx. 90minutes
【Limitations】 Height/Pregnant Woman


Something is coming out of his hand
It grows at night, makes it cooler!!


Newspapers are on the wall.


He looks like a bad guy.


It’s the name of the newspaper company.


The ultimate battle scenes, together with wild ride and special effect, creates the excitement beyond our imagination!!
Enjoy spectacular experience of the mixture of 3-D and special effect.


The exit is somehow peaceful…


They will take a snapshot of you during the ride!
You can purchase these memorable photos if you like.
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