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Peter Pan’s Neverland


Very fairytale-like!

The magical water surface show, “Peter Pan’s Neverland” brighten up the night hours in USJ!!
This spectacular scale show is a must-see!!
Attraction details
【Attraction】 Outdoor Show
【Seats】 N/A
【Time】 Approx. 20 minutes
【Schedule】 Once a day (Only on schedule days)
【Waiting Time】 N/A
【Remarks】Reserved Seats are available with admission fee


It’s towering above the rest…


Very gorgeous!!

There are four stages used in the show!!
It is beautiful!!


So splendid…


Peter Pan is the man!!


Wow, amazing! He’s flying!!

He flies up to 50 meter off the ground!!


That’s the pirates ship!

The sight of illuminated fountain and fire works reflecting off the water surface is just beautiful!!
This is the show you have to watch to wrap up your day!!
Toto & Friends


Find the cute Toto sign♪

It is a sweet and fun animal show that takes place at Magical Orchard! “Toto & Friends”!!


■Attraction details■
【Attraction】 Outdoor Show
【Seats】 approx. 1600
【Time】 25 minutes
【Schedule】 3~5 times a day
【Waiting Time】 Weekday: approx. 20 minutes/ Weekend: approx. 40 minutes
【Limitations】 N/A
【Remarks】Often plays one after another with Wicked



Outside of the stage is also nice!


And the stage set-up is fantastic!


Crew's uniforms are very lovely♪


This attention-to-detail stage delivers the world of the dreams that never ends and the magic that can’t be broken

Wonderful actions by highly skilled animals are also must-sees!!


If you are lucky, you may get to participate in the show?!

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