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We got mail from USJ.

We got mail from USJ.
It’s getting hot!!
We are going into the height of summer!!
Enjoying the summer vacation?


The other day, we got a mail from USJ.
USJ is planning lots of summer season event! This will be the perfect time to visit there!!

Here, we show you a little bit of what came with the mail.


It’s packed with valuable resources like information on Annual Studios Pass, summer attractions, limited time presents, and much more!!

Now, we can get an Annual Studios Pass for only ¥12,500 Yen!!
We’ve got to take advantage of this offer!!!


Hello Everyone!

We put the team together with Osaka locals, who is crazy about Osaka, USJ, and internet, to build this Website with the main purpose of letting the world know how wonderful USJ is.
We want to thank all designers, writers, and programmers who participated in this project.
Now, we have some favor to ask you.
1. If you find any wrong or additional information on this site, please let us know.
2. If you have better photos that we can use for this site, we would appreciate it.
3. If you can write reports or topics, please contact us.
4. If you can translate this site to English, Chinese, or any other languages, we need your help.
By the way, You see some affiliate and Google ads on this site. We are anyhow trying to come up with the server and domain expense, and transportation cost to USJ to run this Website.
It would be our honor that if this site could show you some great things about “USJ” or “Osaka”, and contribute to the prosperity of the tourism of Osaka in any way.

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