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Maximize your playing time and get wonderful surprise at USJ

To get most of your time at USJ, we recommend “Dine and Ride”
Have any idea What Dine&Ride is?

If you add extra 650 Yen to any of the meals at “Discovery Restaurant” or “SAIDO”, you get a desert and a “Universal Express Pass” with bus ride(Target attractions). That’s Dine & Ride.

For kids under 11, add 380 Yen to the Kids Meal to get this offer.

With the Universal Express Pass, you will get priority access to attractions anytime after your supposedly waiting time, which is calculated from the time you order the meal.
To put it simple, Your waiting time becomes your dining time. 

Target Attractions
・Space Fantasy the Ride
・Amazing Adventure of Spiderman the Ride
・Hollywood Dream the Ride
・Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic or Shrek 4-D Adventure
・Terminator 2: 3-D
・Back to the Future - the Ride
・Jurassic Park - the Ride
・Water World



What’s the Birthday Sticker?

If it is your birthday, tell that to one of the USJ stuffs. You will get a Birthday Sticker. Walk around with it and something wonderful will happen to you…
We can’t tell you what sort of wonderfulness you’ll find because it’s a surprise, but you are going to like it.

Very pretty, isn’t it?↓


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