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Setting a perfect plan for a day in USJ

For popular attractions, try first thing in the morning or late hours so that you don’t have to waste your precious time waiting in line.
On average weekends, waiting time for popular attraction is about 20 minutes around 9:00 am and about 30 minutes after 8:00 pm. Expect about 50 minutes of waiting during daytime.


What you should know
You should know that you are likely to wait more than 60 minutes in line any time of the day to get on one of the most popular attraction in USJ, “Space Fantasy: The Ride”
You should always check the schedule for the show and make a good plan.
Some shows have Warm-up shows, so you might want to get there a little early and check it out.


Try to go for some attractions during the morning, see some shows after lunch, and get back to more attractions at night. You can minimize your waiting time this way.


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