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Now! Off to USJ! -Parking-

Now we head to USJ.

How do you want to get there?

A public transportation? Bus? Train?
Right, You might think that the parking fee is a little too expensive at USJ…
But, that’s not all true!


So, let’s drive up there!

We are going to use a public parking outside of USJ. You have to walk a little longer, but it’s way cheaper.


There you go, "Repark of Mitsui". Let's park here this time.


If you want to park inside USJ, they charge you 2200 to 2500 Yen. Right here, it’s only 700 Yen all day.
For more information, visit right here.

Take advantage of cheaper parking outside of USJ!
You can also check for other spots right in here.
Now, time to start walking!

Up the slope…


We got some distance to go from where we parked. But, if you think about it, it is a perfect course for small trekking.



The path becomes promenade.

We stay on the path, and as we go…


Look! Over there!!



Well, it's only the backside...


I wonder what this is?


It’s nice to take a long walk and enjoy the view along the way.



You get to see beautiful cherry blossoms during spring.

Got to get this on my Camera!
Let’s take it slow, we have all day.


Oh!! I see something!!


Mmm… not there yet, huh? Must be getting closer.


My feet are getting lighter knowing that we are almost there!
This is just exciting!!



I guess we've come half way through now…

That was like 5 minutes of walking?

We got a little more to go!



I can see the Park now! Can't wait to get in!!

I’m almost running at this point!
Almost there!
Just hang in there!



Keep on walking!


All the way we go!


Yes, the gate is in our sight now.

Just a little more! Over here is an easy slope, so do not run and trip over.


What is that right in front of "MBS"…?

Is this… what I think it is?
Yeah, That’s it.


As we walk down the slope across from MBS, I see something like this…


Looks very rocky. I wonder what is this for?

Watch out for the rocks anyway!



All we need to do now is to go up on this elevator!

It was about 15 minutes all the way from our parking spot.
Even if you use the official parking inside USJ, you have to walk for a while because it is so huge. I guess finding a parking outside is the better choice.
Now! Off to USJ ! - through the main gate -

My heart beat reaches at its peak as I’m right in front of the main gate.


Into the Dream Land!


We are finally here!!



Snoopy and…


Charlie Brown will give you a warm welcome!


Oh, and Elmo, too!!

The magical tour begins right now!!




It's the world famous object!


A lot of celebrity got their photo shoot right here.
Get yours before it gets too dark..



First, and of course, we have to buy a ticket!


Mmm… I see a lot of people waiting in line…

We might have to wait for a while.


Always, and always buy a ticket beforehand.
You can get it at your local convenience store, JR stations, or through online.


Now we've got the ticket, let's get inside!!


Wow! It's just like auto ticket gate of the bullet train!!


They use face-authentication system at USJ.

USJ utilizes some of the worlds cutting-edge technologies!!



Am I be alright?


Welcom to USJ!!!

New York Area

This area brings out the atmosphere of 1930’s New York City!
Make you feel like you are in a movie!

What my eyes see first after entering New York Area is…



Yes, that’s “Terminator 2 3-D” on the left hand side!

Actually, This is one of my favorite attractions.




Even inside the store is futuristic!


Holy cow!

You can find these heads stocked up at the store next to the attraction. Little creepy…

This is where the Parade goes off.


My favorite is the Roller Blades on Halloween season.


It is fun to see the difference from Hollywood as we walk around




This is the best spot! It's dead end, but around Christmas time, they put up a Christmas tree right on this spot. You get the best sight of the tree right here. A huge tree!



Well, it’s dead end, so let’s turn around… ?





Wow! Super cool!!!

What a surprise!!!

They do this kind of event randomly, so it is totally up to your luck whether you can see it or not!!



OK, let’s keep moving!


Next, we got the “Spiderman“!!



He is everywhere!



But, before get into that…



Nice looking buildings!


It's looks like a pub in NYC!!

Let’s stop by at Finnegan’s Bar and Grill. It’s right across the street from Spiderman. Very neat bar designed with green and brown.

You should try “Onion Blossom” if you ever come here.


Now, time for Spiderman!


This is impressive!!

“Spiderman” is very heart-pounding attraction!!

You have to see this for yourself!

Let’s check out the shop, too!


Spiderman is rather lovely on this dress!


They are playing "Spiderman" the movie!




Well, let’s get back to the street and enjoy more of this beautiful city



The Worgen is cute!


It really feels like I'm in New York!


Just walking around in this atmosphere makes me happy.


What's over there?


This area is perfect for picture taking!!



Now, we've come to the center of the Park!

New York Area ends right here at Lagoon(huge lake at the center of the Park).

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