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Assorted Chocolate
Share this souvenir with your family and friends!


Assorted Chocolate
【Price】 1,000 Yen~ (Price may vary on merchandises)
【Size】 About 20 pieces~(Size may vary on merchandises)
【Store】 California Confectionery and other
【Remarks】 This is also the standard of souvenirs.
Variety of shapes and flavors available.
A lot of them are assorted with cookies!
They have really cute containers that make you want to collect all of them!!
We are going to show you some of them!




Spiderman Icon Tin Chocolate
It is just too cute to eat


Spiderman Icon Tin Chocolate
【Price】 800 Yen
【Size】 16 pieces
【Store】 Amazing Spiderman Store and others
【Remarks】 It is the Spiderman’s face-shaped chocolate!
Spiderman became such adorable figure!!
After you finish the chocolates, you can use the tin to store anything you want!!
Strawberry Chocolate
Comes in cute Snoopy container


Strawberry Chocolate
【Price】 1,200 Yen
【Size】 20 pieces
【Store】 California Confectionery and other
【Remarks】 Dried-strawberry coated with chocolate.
Strawberry and white chocolates flavors are both inside!
It comes with decent amounts, so you can share with everyone!
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