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Kaiyukan Aquarium -The Entrance 1-
There are so many great places to visit around Osaka.
First, we decided to give you a look at “Kaiyukan” that is the closest to USJ!



That is Tenpo-Yama right across the sea from USJ, the bay area of Osaka.
This whole district is called “Harbor Village”.
The landmark here is a huge Ferris wheels! It is one of the largest in the world in terms of height!!


There’s a small building right next to the huge main building.
A journey through the ocean begins right here!


This is artworks next to the entrance.
They will be beautifully lit up at night time.


Like this!!
Such a pretty sight!!


This is the entrance!!
They also offer audio-guidance here at Kaiyukan!


This is the ticket counter.
We are at second floor of the building now.
Feels like we are on a ship.


There is a gift shop on first floor.
Though in terms of the proper path, it is located after the exit, but you can also access there from the ticket counter.



They have a variety of great gifts in the store!!
Whether it’s now or later, we are going to want to get something from here!!
What would it be for you?
Kaiyukan -The Entrance 2 -
After passing the ticket gate, you first go through the beautiful sea tunnel, “Aqua Gate”.
Inside the tunnel is the world of all-blue, as if you are in the clear undersea tunnel.


Small rays and colorful fishes give you a warm welcome!!


After the tunnel, you will find a replica of huge whale shark.
They take a nice picture for you right here


Then, we climb up a long, long escalator to the main building of Kaiyukan.


At the top of the escalator, there is a display board explaining the concept of Kaiyukan.
“Everything on this planet is connected”
The theme and the way all the creatures are displayed in Kaiyukan is mainly based on Gaia Hypothesis.
On the board, you can see the picture explaining the concept of this Hypothesis.
Now, let’s dive into the world of ocean!!
Kaiyukan -Japan Forest-
At the top floor after the elevator, first place we visit is Japan Forest, the only place in Kaiyukan where the open air comes in and creates four-seasons.
Just like a real world, it gets hot during summer, cold on winter, and there will be puddles on a heavy raining day.
On spring time, trees get bud, come into blossom, then grow ripe, and shed their leaves in autumn.



This is the top floor of Kaiyukan where bright sunshine comes in.

Beautiful place, isn’t it?



Here, you can enjoy the atmosphere that you don’t really see in everyday life on the city!!
You can also see under the water through the glass!



Boards tell you about the creatures living in here



Beautiful recreation of aqua lives in deep forest!


Looks like Otters are having fun, too!!
They just got kids and became a big family!! You can also see them closely at Fureai Live Center!


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