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Kaiyukan -Tasman Sea-
Tasman Sea lays around New Zealand.


Although the size of islands around this area are not that big, there are huge difference in sea water temperature.
In Tasman water tank in Kaiyukan, we can find the Pacific white-sided dolphins that usually lives warm water.


Pacific white-sided dolphin is called “Kama-Iruka” (means sickle dolphin). It was named after the shape of its dorsal fin, that it looks like a sickle.


Dolphins are very smart animal. They are really good at creating the ways to have fun on their own.


They also have an ability to sense directions and distances with sounds.
This is what makes dolphins possible to swim through water at high speed as fast as 50 km at the top.


In this area, you can see the dolphins swimming deep into the water at high speed from the lower floor!!
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