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Kaiyukan Aquarium -The Entrance 1-
There are so many great places to visit around Osaka.
First, we decided to give you a look at “Kaiyukan” that is the closest to USJ!



That is Tenpo-Yama right across the sea from USJ, the bay area of Osaka.
This whole district is called “Harbor Village”.
The landmark here is a huge Ferris wheels! It is one of the largest in the world in terms of height!!


There’s a small building right next to the huge main building.
A journey through the ocean begins right here!


This is artworks next to the entrance.
They will be beautifully lit up at night time.


Like this!!
Such a pretty sight!!


This is the entrance!!
They also offer audio-guidance here at Kaiyukan!


This is the ticket counter.
We are at second floor of the building now.
Feels like we are on a ship.


There is a gift shop on first floor.
Though in terms of the proper path, it is located after the exit, but you can also access there from the ticket counter.



They have a variety of great gifts in the store!!
Whether it’s now or later, we are going to want to get something from here!!
What would it be for you?
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