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USJ Tour Packages

Want easy access and saving money on trip to USJ?

We put together some information on tour packages just for you!


Let’s take a bus!


Orion Tour 

Let’s take Shinkansen (Bullet Train)!



Let’s take an airplane!

ANA (Travel Agency)


White Bear Family 



If you want to take a bus, this is a perfect deal!!

・A trip to USJ from Kanto Area (arrival and departure at Tokyo/Yokohama) is from 11,900 Yen!!
・One-day USJ pass is included in this price!!
・It is a Night-Bus on both way, so you can enjoy the Park all day long!
・You can choose a type of bus you want, such as “Female Only” or others!
・You can reschedule the date easily, so you get flexibility on your schedules!



More Information!

Orion Tour

They also offer great deals on bus trip!

・The package with arrival and departure at Shinjuku is from 17,800 Yen including USJ pass!!
・The Hotel is in Shin-Osaka, so you get easy access to explore the city of Osaka
・A great deal where you can select a plan for returning bus!!
・It is very easy to use with a variety of payment methods available!


More Information!

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